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Dell Decision point: Horizon 7 vs vWorkspace

It may seem a year late to write this post, but a...

14th Nov
Horizon 7

Quest vWorkspace Returns

Two things have been baffling to me about Dell’s purchase of Quest–related...

15th Nov

VMware Acquires Desktone

In a press release today, VMware announced that it has acquired Desktone....

15th Oct
Desktone by VMware

Three Honest VDI Perspectives

There are several mistakes that organizations have perpetuated that have resulted in...

02nd May
Happy Users

Dell Privatizes for $24 billion

Dell has announced that it will be going private in a bid...

08th Feb
Dell Goes Private

Broker Vendors Still Don’t Get USB

Most articles on VDIenterprise have been written around helping you get a...

25th Jan

Hypervisor: Can’t Do Just One

  In the many travels to various customer organizations, there are several...

22nd Jan

Windows 8 VDI: Is It Time?

First, look at your broker vendor (e.g.: Citrix, Quest, VMware), and make...

18th Jan
Windows 8

One Vendor, Four VDI Offerings

There are times in technology history when a single vendor is the...

24th Dec
Dell DaaS Overview

Citrix and Dell Partner with VDI appliance

When first hearing about the Citrix/Dell partnership, it strongly reminds of an...

23rd Nov

Applications Are Everything . Now, How Do You Deliver Them?

In the realm of Information Technology, applications are everything. Applications are what...

20th Nov

Microsoft App-V: The Secret Powerhouse

In Microsoft’s long list of pervasive products, there is one lurking there...

16th Nov

Dell vStart Misses a Key Component: It’s Own

Just reviewing Dell’s announcement from back in June of this year about...

13th Nov

VDI Storage . The Secret Critical Component

Implementing VDI solutions for years in dozens of environments for hundreds of...

05th Nov

Dell acquires Quest Software

One of the more exciting acquisitions in a while is Dell’s purchase...

28th Sep
Dell/Quest Software