Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things

On 30 April 2018 by Pete Petersen

Data Growth

Last year at Citrix’s Synergy event, CEO Kirill talked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data. AI continues to be a topic that garners interest across nearly all verticals and markets. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because it’s intriguing to think that machines can think. Perhaps it’s a compelling idea that promises an easier way or less expensive way to get things done—in whatever business we’re in.

In response to Kirill’s group presentation, I wrote a post ( that supports the tenant that AI is really about data, understanding that data, so that we know what to do in response.

This morning in the Dell Technology World Keynote session, it has been reiterated again that AI is about data. In order to be productive, let’s avoid thinking about AI as humanoid robots that can pass the Turin test, and instead that AI is about understanding vast amounts of data for a specific purpose.

Michael Dell provided one example in a post-session interview this evening. Michael indicated that he had visited with several of the world’s largest car-makers over the past couple of months. An autonomous car generates about 4TB of data every day. That amount of data cannot pass over a 4G network; there is just not enough bandwidth or time. This means that there has to be artificial intelligence built into the car to process the vast amounts of data in order to anything useful with it.

Even following Michael’s interview tonight, more chat about moving the analytics to the data, rather than trying to move that amount of data around.

This has already become the trend—and rightly so. As we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT), the only way to process that data is to put the processing at the edge—where the data is generated, and in order to be effective at that, all of these technologies are needed. But let’s not leave it there: There are ways some effective more than others…and we’re all learning together.