Two Minds on Citrix Cloud

On 9 January 2018 by Pete Petersen


When it comes to Citrix Cloud, it evokes two sides in me. Let’s start with the con.

Con: When someone says that Citrix is “difficult” and “complex,” what they are referring to has nothing to do with the broker, vendor, or desktop service. The most difficult and complex parts of a deployment have everything to do with getting the image right, managing user profiles/personas, working out storage and networking—all of those things have to happen no matter which broker vendor you go with. That being said, Citrix Cloud takes the easier parts of the Citrix stack (Delivery Controller, StoreFront, NetScaler), and offload those from you so you now have to only manage the “difficult” and “complex” parts of the deployment. Still yours.

Pro: With that out of the way, what Citrix Cloud does do is take the “unknowns” for a deployment out of the equation. Meaning that organizations no longer have to worry about becoming “Citrix experts.” They can now worry about their own content, their own images, their own data, their own users with their own persona/profile management, and focus on the things that are going to remain in their data center—OR—and I do mean a big OR—move those resources to the cloud too, and have a partner manage them. Thus being truly hosted—without having to go to a generic DaaS offering, which likely–in my experience–won’t meet the use case the organization is pursuing.

Something to consider.