Receiver for Web – Configuration Tool–Cool!

On 6 March 2015 by Pete Petersen


This tool might make configuring Receiver for Web a little easier. There are settings in StoreFront that you can get at by updating the web.config file for the StoreFront (eg: NAweb), some of which were available in the GUI in Web Interface. This tools puts a UI in front of these settings. Care should be taken, as always, as these changes affect the user experience on the StoreFront site. Easy to use, it’s a single executable (no install), and you just browse to your siteWEB web.config file, make your changes, and save when ready.

I like this tool because it makes the possibilities much more visible and easier to visualize and implement.

Also note Sam Jacobs’ three caveats at the end of the comments section:

1) Always make a backup of your config file before making *any* changes,
2) Make sure that the MMC GUI is closed before running this tool, and
3) Dont forget to propagate changes to the other servers, if multi-server.