Three Honest VDI Perspectives

On 2 May 2013 by Pete Petersen
Happy Users

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There are several mistakes that organizations have perpetuated that have resulted in unhappy users and failed VDI implementations. VDI in this case means an environment that provides virtualized desktops and applications (eg: XenApp, XenDesktop, View, vWorkspace, RDS).

There are three excellent articles that describe several things that an organization can do to ensure a successful VDI implementation. At the top of the list in VDIenterprise experience is the assessment. This means going through and looking at use cases and the suitability of the environment from a technical perspective, but it also means giving a deep look at the culture and shift that this type of centralization will cause. In addition, an actual resource logging period (such as with LiquidWare Labs Statusphere FIT or Quest’s Workspace Assessment Tool). These tools will help an organization design a “right-fitted” solution that is neither over-bought or under-designed.

Please consider the following thoughts as you embark on your VDI adventure: