BYOD Not Broken–It’s a Way of Life

On 8 March 2013 by Pete Petersen
No Problem

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Colin Steele, in a quick post about BYOD, made a few great points yesterday about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and I wanted to point out a few of them, in addition to highlighting some of Colin’s points.

First, allowing employees to bring their own device to use as a work device will work well in most organizations–IF–the organization implements a good, solid set of policies. There are things to think about. A simple thought for an organization, especially small to medium businesses, is to simply put BYOD devices on the outside of the firewall and remote into a virtual desktop for real work. This method removes a lot of the burden of security and management that may otherwise need to be a part of an organization’s policy strategy. The things to think about are enterprise-level implementations, security, partners, and still having client options in a BYOD scenario.

Some of the other links in Colin’s article include some great reference points. Please check them out.