Cloud Services as Disaster Recovery

On 18 February 2013 by Pete Petersen
Cloud Repair

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While many organizations remain leery of trusting their corporate jewels to cloud vendors, others have embraced hybrid models that serve both the need to keep data close, and the need to protect against disaster. Such a hybrid model places trusted data inside the corporate network in a traditional fashion, but attaches a cloud-hosted solution as a disaster recovery site. One of the things that this model can accomplish is a savings in ongoing costs. For example, a cloud vendor can expand quickly when disaster strikes, meaning that the organization can get away with purchasing much less in the way of equipment, raised floor space, network, and storage resources. Contrast that with the idea of keeping all of that in the way of idle resources on-hand in the case of an emergency, and you can see why many organizations are giving a more serious look at such an approach.

CIO Decisions’ recent newsletter, Disaster Recovery Ascends to the Cloud, lays out several motivators and digs deeper into why organizations are choosing to give serious pause, or even make the leap. Pay special attention to Scot Petersen’s editorial comments, and Karen Goulart’s cover story in the newsletter.

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