Profile Management: Simple or Expensive

On 29 January 2013 by Pete Petersen
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In some VDI implementations, profile/persona management is not an issue. For instance, in a school district where VDI is provided to student labs, no profile management is actually preferable so that each time the student logs in, there is a pristine image and profile waiting for begin again. Easy throw-away sessions.

However, in most SMB, Enterprise, and public sector implementations, profile management is more critical than most plan for in the beginning. It isn’t until a project is well under way that many discover that profile management is not only critical, but complex and often difficult.

Many vendors have now made profile management easier. In the past, the methods of utilizing mandatory profiles, coupled with scripting, are over.

Mike Nelson of SearchVirtualDesktop recently wrote a great review about the various profile management tools available today. There was one disappointing omission: ResSoft. This is a great tool that has enormous potential, is a quarter the cost of some of its competitors, and gives users and administrators wide flexibility.