Windows 8 VDI: Is It Time?

On 18 January 2013 by Pete Petersen

Windows 8

First, look at your broker vendor (e.g.: Citrix, Quest, VMware), and make sure your broker software is ready (XenApp, XenDesktop, vWorkspace, View).

Next, consider your applications. Do they run there? There are application virtualization strategies, but if you don’t already have application virtualization going, there’s a learning curve to any of the mainstream products (App-V, App Streaming, ThinApp, etc.).

Then, review Brien Posey’s thoughts on Five considerations for upgrading to Windows 8 virtual desktops. Now, a few thoughts should be running through your mind.

And may I agree with Posey by saying: TEST, TEST, and RE-TEST! The operating system upgrade is a fundamental upgrade that underlies every application.

Lastly, choose the right partner. In several previous posts, it becomes important again and again to mention the importance of bringing in a trusted partner who has implemented VDI successfully in many organizations. Here is a quote from One Vendor, Four VDI Offerings:

Citrix sales teams have named VDIenterprise as it’s go-to partner for VDI solutions–for a reason. Venturing into a virtual desktop solution without a vast amount of foreknowledge is fraught with risk. There has been organization after organization that has ventured down the road of VDI only to back out and claim the entire idea as flawed. Having the right partner going in will not only save money, but good long-term partnerships will ensure that future developments and competitive advantages are available at the right time–again, with a partner that has been around the block a few times before.

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