Thin Clients Options for your VDI Implementation

On 17 January 2013 by Pete Petersen

Zero Client

Since the edge device is the device that the users will actually touch and interact with, and it cannot be neglected in an overall VDI strategy. There are several important ********* to put in your business case about the edge device in relation to the VDI project.

  • The edge device is important because users will actually touch and interact with this device.
  • Users may decide to bring their own device to do their work in your organization (analyze your BYOD strategy)
  • Tech refresh budgets can be redirected in order to fund a the VDI project. This means that the edge device will stay as it is, but reconfigured to only run virtual desktops and applications, thus vastly prolonging its life.
  • Delivering the applications to the users (their productivity) is what matters to the organization. How the users access the applications (their device) is important to the user.

That being said, there are many ways to save money and avoid too much touch at the user’s physical location when deploying VDI–and thereafter.

For example, re-using the edge device is a great option. Some organizations, in order to help the VDI implementation go smoothly, and help the users feel like they got something new, have replaced monitors, keyboards, and mice when introducing VDI and configuring the edge device to just log straight into a virtual desktop session. Many organizations that have done this report that their users felt their new virtual desktop was new and better than their local one. Indeed.

The next thing to consider is that once one of the edge devices actually dies (hard drive failure, angry user with a sledgehammer, etc.), you may consider a thin device at the edge rather than a traditional desktop or laptop. Much cheaper, and often inherently managed. Have a look at Alastair Cooke’s E-Guide for Choosing the Right Thin Clients for Your VDI Project.

Consider all of the above, and look through Cooke’s guide, and you’ll be much better equipped to deliver applications to your users more efficiently, and in a way that helps them to be as productive as possible.

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