Choices In Application Virtualization

On 10 December 2012 by Pete Petersen

VMware ThinApp

After really enjoying Mike Nelson’s write-up on alternatives in the application virtualization space, it became glaringly apparent yet again about the invisibility of the mother of all application virtualization tools, Microsoft App-V. Although it does come with a learning curve, it is mature, and it is well-entrenched many organizations. When Microsoft purchased it (in the form of Softricity’s SoftGrid) in 2006, it was already a well-running, mature product on its own. Then, Microsoft dropped the price to the point where it was nearly free for many of their customers (depending on the licensing model they were using).

That all being said, please also enjoy Mike’s comments about some compelling alternatives to App-V and ThinApp.

  • Spoon Studio
  • Evalaze
  • InstallFree
  • Portable Apps
  • Symantec Workspace Streaming