Like It Or Not, BYOD Is Upon Us

On 26 December 2012 by Pete Petersen


So understanding BYOD may seem counter-intuitive, right? What you’re trying to do with BYOD is put the onus on the user to take care of themselves–at least for the device. But, alas, only lightens the load; it does not remove it. In previous posts, Putting BYOD Users First, Embracing BYOD, and BYOD Security . VDI Can Help, and in the referenced source materials, it becomes clear that adopting a good, solid, secure BYOD strategy will not only help with security, user satisfaction, and IT resource focus, it can help to shape your organization, make your users more mobile, better able to focus on the things that make them valuable to your organization, and deliver those critical applications and services to them in a way that makes sense for them.

At first, it would seem that BYOD is an art. However, several organizations have bought in and are succeeding. InfoWorld wrote a report last September that still makes sense right now. A relatively quick read (42 pages), packed with useful information.

Back to the issue at hand. Coming to terms with the fact that BYOD is here, and that embracing it–intelligently–will help your organization grow and become more competitive, will allow the evolution of user compute to happen you to.