On 2 November 2012 by Pete Petersen

Technology Got Us There

As with Apollo 7 through 17, smart men and women focused on a common goal got us there. Today, VDI is a multi-faceted set of technologies that touch everything. Great implementations come from well though-out systems by skilled and experienced teams that come together to deliver an excellent, friendly, and well-managed user experience.

VDIenterprise is dedicated to providing solutions to organizations, on a contract basis, project by project, and as full-time service, focused primarily on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementations. Two recent projects have been SolidCloud by Solid Instance, Inc. (recently acquired by Citrix), and presently, Logical Front, a Utah-based integrator with offices in Texas, Utah, Colorado, and Florida with a focus on simple, custom IT solutions, and a strong Dell/EMC/VMware partnership, to ensure you meet the needs of clients, customers, and end users with a focus on end user experience. The advice given to clients includes licensing options and purchases, VDI implementations to host RDS-based published desktops and applications, VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, and other virtual desktop and application technology components. Especially interesting has been the recent proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with Apple’s game-changing iPad, and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets, which provide a great, natural way for customers to provide a great path for tech refresh and organic growth efforts.

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