On 2 November 2012 by Pete Petersen

Technology Got Us There

VDIenterprise is dedicated to providing solutions to organizations, on a contract basis, project by project, and as full-time service, to various organizations focused primarily on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementations. The two most recent projects have been SolidCloud by Solid Instance, Inc. (recently acquired by Citrix), and presently, Project Leadership Associates, a Chicago-based nationwide integrator with a specialization in VDI, Microsoft-based datacenter solutions, and business management. The advice given to customers includes licensing options and purchases, VDI implementations to host RDS-based published desktops and applications, Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, Dell/Quest vWorkspace, and VMware Horizon View. Especially interesting has been the recent proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with Apple’s game-changing iPad, and Microsoft’s recent announcement of the new Surface Tablets, which provide a great, natural way for customers to provide less-expensive way to tech refresh and organic growth efforts.

As with Apollo 7 through 17, smart men and women focused on a common goal got us there. Today, VDI is a multi-faceted set of technologies that touch everything. Great implementations come from well though-out systems by skilled and experienced teams that come together to deliver an excellent, friendly, and well-managed user experience.

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