Quest vWorkspace Returns

On 15 November 2012 by Pete Petersen


Two things have been baffling to me about Dell’s purchase of Quest–related to the vWorkspace product.

First: Why in the world would the product be renamed to an extremely generic name of Desktop Virtualization, is beyond me. The distinctive name of vWorkspace is much easier to find, brand, and market.

Second: Where is vWorkspace is Dell’s VDI marketing, channel training, and sales churn? It’s just plain missing. The inferior package based on Citrix’s VDI-In-a-Box is squarely front and center, while vWorkspace is just plain missing.

Fortunately, Dell recently announced that the product name change was temporary (whew!).

But not so fortunately, vWorkspace is still missing from all of Dell’s perceivable efforts. It is unfortunate. vWorkspace is superior in so many ways to VDI-In-a-Box, makes great use of Microsoft’s Hyper-V as the hypervisor platform, and is much easier and less expensive to implement than a full-blown Citrix XenDesktop environment. Especially for small to medium organizations where the learning curve and license cost of XenDesktop is prohibitive, vWorkspace is a welcome–and in many ways superior–choice in those environments.

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