On 14 November 2015 by Pete Petersen
WARP Drive

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SolidCloud, [update] recently acquired by Citrix and re-branded as the Workspace series (WorkspacePod, WorkspaceCloud, EdgePod, CorePod), sports a design center for a million users, realizing the dream of a hyper-converged architecture, and spanning data centers across North America, EMEA, and other geographies around the world.

In the early development of this solution, Leslie ‘Pete’ Petersen and team implemented a Citrix- and Microsoft-based solution, including other components, such as Vyatta and Cleversafe, all aimed at an environment designed to host 1,000,000 users, realize a hyper-converged architecture. Now that Citrix owns the project and development, we expect worldwide adoption of the Citrix Cloud to become a ubiquitous iteration of DaaS and VDI, similar to how vBlocks have been adopted as a time-to-market saver for datacenters.

As the product has evolved over the last couple of years, it’s clear that Citrix has seen the value of cloud-based services, and a highly-converged type of appliance that can delivery a scalable experience. VDI-In-a-Box was an attempt at that, but in the end, was too limited and still required complex integration and was difficult to scale.

The new Workspace product set, based now on solid partnerships with hardware vendors such as Hewlett Packard for Moonshot, and acquisitions such as Sanbolic for the converged storage layer (Citrix WARP Drive), and a wonderfully performant addition of DataOn at a million IOPS–yes your read that right: that’s a one with six zeroes–there is no question that the road has been paved for a whole new level of implementation tools, pre-configured hardware, and hosted configurations.