VDI sans SAN?

On 16 April 2012 by Pete Petersen



Consider a VDI deployment without SAN? Preposterous! Or is it?

While considering, consider that direct-attached storage can be faster and cheaper than SAN storage. If you’ve organized your component redundancy correctly, there is little need to live-move a VM from host to host. For instance, in a XenApp implementation, there should never be less than two XenApp servers. Ensuring that those two VMs are on separate hosts ensures that an outage will not occur if a host fails. All components can be organized in the same way: file services, database services, VDI desktops (with profile management), web interface servers, etc.

Amir Husain had a few things to say about the idea of saving money on an implementation by saving the cost of the SAN in this Network World article published last week.