Citrix Excalibur: XenApp and XenDesktop Marry

All Citrix customers, pay close attention to Excalibur, a marriage of XenApp...

25th Oct
Citrix Excalibur

Dell acquires Quest Software

One of the more exciting acquisitions in a while is Dell’s purchase...

28th Sep
Dell/Quest Software

Microsoft RDSH Getting Closer to XenApp

With the release of Windows Server 2012, it is clear that Citrix’s...

17th Sep

VDI Finally Going Mainstream

VDI solutions have been implemented both very well and successfully and poorly–sometimes...

15th May
Poorly Designed VDI Solution

VDI sans SAN?

  Consider a VDI deployment without SAN? Preposterous! Or is it? While...

16th Apr

The Promise of VDI: Are We There Yet?

Why is it so hard to pull off a great VDI implementation....

10th Apr

Cost of VDI

Several good points in Channel Insider’s article titled “Performance, Costs Top Storage...

12th Dec
Cost of VDI

Virtual Desktops Less Expensive Than Physical?

In a recent announcement by Citrix, it has announced some technologies that...

17th Oct

Sweat the DaaS Components

Kurt Moody has been one of the Great Minds and trusted consultants...

29th Jul
Desktop As a Service