Like It Or Not, BYOD Is Upon Us

So understanding BYOD may seem counter-intuitive, right? What you’re trying to do...

26th Dec

One Vendor, Four VDI Offerings

There are times in technology history when a single vendor is the...

24th Dec
Dell DaaS Overview

Cloud Hosting Services Becoming More Feature-rich

One of the options for rolling out your VDI infrastructure is to...

21st Dec

What’s New in Hyper-V

After reviewing the new features of Windows Server 2012, some of the...

20th Dec

VDI On a Pedestal?

Much of the press and implementation instructions around VDI, including published desktops,...

19th Dec

Choices In Application Virtualization

After really enjoying Mike Nelson’s write-up on alternatives in the application virtualization...

10th Dec
VMware ThinApp

Putting BYOD Users First

In an excellent interview, Dana Gardner speaks with Dell Software’s CIO, who...

07th Dec
Quest Software

Big Storage Decisions Coming for Organizations Moving to VDI

In many cases, one of the fears of moving to a centralized...

06th Dec
Storage, minus the frame

Client Hyper-V More Usable Than XenClient

It’s funny that some of the most powerful products that Microsoft produces...

05th Dec
Client Hyper-V

The Case for Local Server Storage

In the previous VDIenterprise post on Storage: The Secret Critical Component, I mentioned...

04th Dec
Server storage

As of this moment, iOS POCs down for Citrix

As of this moment, Citrix has pulled the Receiver from the AppStore....

03rd Dec
Citrix Receiver

Citrix Excalibur Provisioning

  Support for New Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V Storage Capabilities Hyper-V...

29th Nov
Unpacking Excalibur

Desktone: The Great and the Concerning

While many VDI solution providers have languished, or stagnated, over the years,...

28th Nov

Should MokaFive and Dell Get Married?

Every once in a while an idea will come along that sort...

27th Nov

iPhone Security Wins the Enterprise

We all should have seen it coming. Post-Blackberry, iPhone was bound to...

27th Nov

Embracing BYOD

When it comes down to it, organizations are going to continually find...

26th Nov

Citrix and Dell Partner with VDI appliance

When first hearing about the Citrix/Dell partnership, it strongly reminds of an...

23rd Nov

Applications Are Everything . Now, How Do You Deliver Them?

In the realm of Information Technology, applications are everything. Applications are what...

20th Nov

DaaS vs RDSH vs VDI

Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) (aka Shared...

19th Nov
The DaaS Puzzle

Microsoft App-V: The Secret Powerhouse

In Microsoft’s long list of pervasive products, there is one lurking there...

16th Nov

Quest vWorkspace Returns

Two things have been baffling to me about Dell’s purchase of Quest–related...

15th Nov

BYOD Security . VDI Can Help

Allowing employees to bring their own devices to work–and use them to...

14th Nov
Holes In BYOD

Dell vStart Misses a Key Component: It’s Own

Just reviewing Dell’s announcement from back in June of this year about...

13th Nov

XenApp 6 for W2K8R2 Optimization Guide

As a commitment to make VDI implementations easier, simpler, more cost-effective, and...

12th Nov