BYOD Not Broken–It’s a Way of Life

Colin Steele, in a quick post about BYOD, made a few great...

08th Mar
No Problem

The Quest For a Viable Client Device

The Past So there are times that all the dizzying choices of...

07th Mar
Latitude 10 Tablet

BYOD in the Enterprise

In several previous articles (Thin Clients Options for your VDI Implementation, Personal Cloud...

01st Mar
Tablets in the Enterprise

Cloud Services as Disaster Recovery

While many organizations remain leery of trusting their corporate jewels to cloud...

18th Feb
Cloud Repair

Dell Privatizes for $24 billion

Dell has announced that it will be going private in a bid...

08th Feb
Dell Goes Private

RemoteApp Delivery Can Be Complex

There are two quotes by Albert Einstein that seem to make sense...

08th Feb

Windows 8: Take It or Leave It

While many organizations struggle to justify a move to Windows 8, other...

07th Feb
Windows 8 New Features

Profile Management: Simple or Expensive

In some VDI implementations, profile/persona management is not an issue. For instance,...

29th Jan
User Profile

Document it or Lose it: XenApp farms

One of the difficult things about rolling out a XenApp implementation of...

28th Jan
Automated Script

Broker Vendors Still Don’t Get USB

Most articles on VDIenterprise have been written around helping you get a...

25th Jan

Hypervisor: Can’t Do Just One

  In the many travels to various customer organizations, there are several...

22nd Jan

Personal Cloud vs BYOD

In the quest for a set of policies and “right thinking” while...

21st Jan
Personal Cloud

Windows 8 VDI: Is It Time?

First, look at your broker vendor (e.g.: Citrix, Quest, VMware), and make...

18th Jan
Windows 8

Thin Clients Options for your VDI Implementation

Since the edge device is the device that the users will actually...

17th Jan
Zero Client

Image Management Is Critical

In order to have a solution that works in your environment, part...

11th Jan

DaaS vs Premise

In considering whether to host your own VDI solution, or to hire...

10th Jan
Premise vs Hosted


We keep saying that storage is one of the forgotten key factors...

09th Jan
IOPS chart


  There is some controversy about the right RAID in your storage....

08th Jan

Offline VDI . Who Needs It?

  It seems that there is one question that always seem to...

07th Jan

MS SPLA for W7 Will Hurt VAR Business

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers have been pressuring Microsoft for some...

04th Jan
Microsoft SPLA

PC Sales Slump, Good News for VDI

As more and more organizations realize the benefits of a well-implemented virtual...

02nd Jan

BYOD Fears Thwarted By Smart Policies

Organizations large and small must deal with BYOD today, and even embrace...

31st Dec
BYOD Work Home

VDI Saves Money–Sometimes

In Bridget Botelho’s article, many of the benefits of VDI are discussed...

28th Dec
Piggy bank

Flash-based Storage Changes the VDI Story

Enter the storage discussion. In previous posts, it was pointed out that...

27th Dec
Pure Storage