TACC CIO Event, ADFS Hosting, and Hurricane Harvey

I recently had the privilege of accompanying Director of Information Technology of...

10th Oct
Hurricane Harvey

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things

Last year at Citrix’s Synergy event, CEO Kirill talked about Artificial Intelligence...

30th Apr
Data Growth

VMware vs Citrix: Three points. One agree, two disagree

When attending a Citrix vs VMware session at Summit, there are two...

11th Jan
VMware vs Citrix

Two Minds on Citrix Cloud

When it comes to Citrix Cloud, it evokes two sides in me....

09th Jan

3 Reasons Citrix Protocol Stack Is Superior

  Quick History Lesson Way back in the early days when Citrix...

09th Jan
Enlightened Data Transport

U.S. Air Force Solidifies Azure Hosting and Dell EMC Hardware

With a $1 Billion deal, the U.S. Air Force has granted a...

17th Nov
Air Force

Dell Decision point: Horizon 7 vs vWorkspace

It may seem a year late to write this post, but a...

14th Nov
Horizon 7

AI Means Data

There were several announcements at the opening Vision Keynote address today at...

23rd May
Artificial Intelligence

NetScaler Ports Unmasked

  In recent conversations with several organizations, it was clear that along...

14th Jan

VMs vs Containers

In a recent article by Stephen Bigelow at TechTarget, Stephen explains the difference...

14th Jan

Receiver for Web – Configuration Tool–Cool!

This tool might make configuring Receiver for Web a little easier. There...

06th Mar

Getting the Right LUN Size: Storage for VDIs

...What is more helpful is to understand what needs to go into the calculations...

23rd Jan
Storage LUNs

XenDesktop 7.6: 3 New Features; 2 Good, 1 Doesn’t Matter

  As part of the XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6 release, Citrix has introduced several...

13th Jan
XenDesktop 7.6

Importance of Simple Profile Management

I was recently asked by a senior management member about some settings...

29th Aug
User Settings

POC Your 3D Graphics

Recently, a customer had a desire to centralize their end user computing...

23rd Apr

Barracuda vs NetScaler (Gateway)

In a recent quest for a Baton Rouge-based client, one of the...

13th Dec

VMware Acquires Desktone

In a press release today, VMware announced that it has acquired Desktone....

15th Oct
Desktone by VMware

Windows Server 2012 Introduces Two New Profile Management Methods

With the release of Windows Server 2012 and its associated components, Remote...

14th Oct
User Profile

VDI Is a Zombie

In a post on projectleadership.net’s blog page, solution architects responded to recent...

07th Aug

Citrix Provisioning Services High Availability

Working with a recent customer and running through endless failover testing scenarios–and...

24th Jun
Provisioning Services High Availability

Three Reasons Why Application Streaming Died

For years, Citrix internal folks themselves have been directing implementers to App-V rather than their own App Streaming product.

03rd Jun

BYOD Enhances Security

Conversations with end customer organizations over the past few weeks have necessitated...

22nd May
In or Out

Three Honest VDI Perspectives

There are several mistakes that organizations have perpetuated that have resulted in...

02nd May
Happy Users

Two Ways To Think About Business Continuity

It's expensive, time consuming, and there is rarely immediate financial benefit from doing so...

19th Mar
Business Continuity